365 Drinks: #1 Patrizier Weißbier (Germany)

Patrizier Weissbier
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Mmmmm….. yeast

Half as a joke but mostly because we like drinking,  Mook has dedicated himself to the task of drinking one different alcoholic beverage each day (if possible… the Middle East will get a bit questionable) for one year as we travel around the world. For the sake of posterity, they’ll be ranked and recorded here in all their thirst-quenching, fire-spitting glory.

Knowing that beer already since I’m a little kid and never really liked it. It still has to be the first in the list. As a tribute to my dad who drinks that strange flavoured yeast filled fluid since I can remember.

It has a slight fruity flavour, almost no smell and if you don’t drink it in a proper container (and you don’t know the correct pouring technique), you end up with a bottom full of yeast bits that are almost chewable and taste like… well yeast.

You can’t drink more than two or you will get the urge to throw up. But I still had more of these bottles in my life than I would have liked to have.

The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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