365 Drinks #10: Brkina Rakija (Serbia)

Me and Alex
Brkina Rakija

Rakija! Rakija! Rakija!

Enough with Hungary, enough with keeping it low! Arrived in Novi Sad, Serbia today and 30 minutes after checking in and having a stroll around the city center, I was offered a free sample shot of some regional Rakija, Serbia’s national drink.

Distilled by a true poet and probably local hero, Alex, that sells his own product in the city center in Novi Sad. Even though I was still fighting with the demons of the weekend, the friendliness and the overload of Alex’s pictures on all of the bottles made me weak and I couldn’t resist. So I had a shot with him and companion at their booth and it was… well, strong.

Smelling far stronger than the Hungarian Palinka, this quince Rakija had a clear alcohol taste with a hint of fruit. Taking sips of it revealed what the smell was already pointing out, a harsh alcoholic taste with a sweetish note. The aftertaste was not too bad as it went down quick. Not a bad start for the Rakija here in Serbia but I think I have to try a couple more flavors to become a real fan.

Here a picture with me and alex.

Me and Alex

Me and the Maestro

And thanks to google translate, a quote from his website…. I didn’t promise too much, a real poet.

Scientific fact is scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water per day, in a year we eat more than 1 kg of Escherichia coli, which is found in feces. means that other words, you eat 1 kg of faeces. Something like that can not happen if you drink wine. Because of the alcohol in the wine is no bacteria Escherichia coli (also because the vines prefiltrira water that incorporates the grapes) Therefore: It is much more appropriate to drink wine and eat crap than to drink water and eat shit.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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