365 Drinks: #101 Rushskoje Pivo (Uzbekistan)

Ruckskoje Pivo
Ruckskoje Pivo

They really love plastic bottle beer here

A day of walking around town in Tashkent. The capital has not as many ancient Silk Road buildings to offer like Samarkand and Bukhara but it was nice to see a more modern city for a change. We even got to meet some locals and spent the evening hanging out in their soon-to-be-opened hostel. It was really interesting to get some background information about the experiences we had so far in Uzbekistan. And of course we had some beer.

We had a good ole plastic bottle of Rushskoje. It had a clear, light yellow body and a foamy head. It had a bit of a barley aroma but not to0 heavy. The taste was sweet fruity and it was easy to drink. With 3.8% it was more like a light beer. Not my kind of beer but easy to drink and cheap.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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