365 Drinks: #102 Medowaja Vodka (Uzbekistan)

Medowaja Vodka
Medowaja Vodka

Traditional clothes with traditional vodka + cool sunglasses

Our last day and evening in Tashkent and in Uzbekistan. We decided to do some work and to go drinking. Our little pub crawl brought us to a German beer house where we had some nice wheat beer and German sausages. After that we hit an Irish pub that had awful lot of English flags and English interior. Unfortunately they didn’t have Guiness or anything like it. After this disappointment and the fact that all drinks were quite pricey we decided to head back to our friend in the hostel to watch football. Obviously we couldn’t show up without any booze so I bought a bottle of Uzbeks’ finest plastic bottle beer and a bottle of lemon and honey vodka.

Medowaja vodka. According to some dude I met in the shop it is one of the better vodkas Uzbekistan has to offer. He gestured that I wouldn’t get a headache with this one. Sounds great. The smell suggested otherwise though. It had an intense alcohol aroma. When we downed the first shot, I was surprised how smooth it was. And I was also surprised that there was no honey or lime flavor to it whatsoever. It was just vodka. Quite nice vodka though.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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