365 Drinks: #103 Shymkentskoje Pivo (Kazakhstan)

Shimkentskoje Pivo
Shimkentskoje Pivo

Hotel, check. Beer, check.

So the day came, after almost two weeks in Uzbekistan we left the country. Another interesting and quite intense border crossing to get from Uzbekistan into Kazakhstan. Cameras got checked and bribes got requested. But we made it out of the country without paying any bribes. On the first glance, Kazakhstan was a nice place. For now we only wanted to stay for only one night though. Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek was awaiting us. So we spent a night in the biggest city that was on our way to Kyrgyzstan. Rocking up without a booking for any hotel and ending up sleeping in a (surprisingly nice) hour hotel (something like a love hotel?). The only thing left was to find a drink and I found one in the nearby “pint pub” where they filled up plastic bottles with the beer of your choice. I decided to have the city brewery’s very own lager.

Shymkentskoje Pivo. The beer had a clear golden look with a medium head. It smelled roasted and malty almost like the inside of a bakery. The taste was hoppy and roasted malty with a slightly bitter aftertaste that got even a bit sour. An interesting beer that was easy to drink. I can’t wait to come back to Kazakshtan to try more of the local stuff.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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