365 Drinks: #104 Atalyk Saperavi (Kyrgyzstan)

Atalyk Saperavi
Atalyk Saperavi

Even came with its own plastic corkscrew… classy!!

After our short intermezzo in Kazakhstan it was time to move on and get ourselves to Bishkek. Another day, another long drive. Probably the last one though. Our plan is to give Jagger a rest and look for a new home for him. So we got to the border and it was chaos. Merchants everywhere, spitting, shoving and just being chaotic. Nobody seemed to care. Well a good first impression of Kyrgyz people. After arriving in Bishkek we were relieved. It looked modern. It had cafes and bars with wifi! We got ourselves a room in a hostel and celebrated the arrival with self boiled pelmeni and a bottle of Kyrgyz wine. Maybe they are better in this than the Uzbeks, we thought. So we bought a bottle of Atalyk Saperavi dry red wine.

The wine was not as dark red as we expected from a dry wine. The aroma was a bit fruity and sweet with a barrel smell to it. The taste was sweet and bitter from the start and ended with a quite bitter note. The alcohol content was between 10 and 12%. The bottle it came in pointed out that the grapes for this wine grew on the same latitude as the famous vineyards in Spain, Italy and Georgia. Unfortunately the end result doesn’t come close to the wine’s produced in the before mentioned regions. But hey, it’s better than Uzbek wine.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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