365 Drinks: #105 Vivat Vodka (Kyrgyzstan)

Vivat Vodka
Vivat Vodka

At a cool little kitschy Russian bar

Our first day in Bishkek was reserved to sort out our accommodation for the next couple of days and to sort out our Chinese visa. We rented a one-bedroom apartment for six days and dropped off our passports at an agency. Pretty good progress for a day. This deserves some drinks. Luckily we learned that one of our good friends from London decided to teach English in Bishkek for a while. Good opportunity to catch up and have some vodka.

Vivat Vodka to be precise. Ordering two shots brought me back to eastern Europe where regular shot’s have 50ml. Great. The vodka didn’t have much of a smell. A slight alcohol aroma, that’s it. Downing the first one revealed a smooth slightly sweet taste. The aftertaste was not too heavy and rather smooth. A pretty good vodka.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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