365 Drinks: #106 Zhivoe Pivo (Kyrgyzstan)

Zhivoe Pivo

BEEEEEER. No idea who won

Bishkek is great. We had the option to go to more than one bar for a change! And they were all not that bad! And not too pricey! What else do you want in life? We even found one that showed football. Unfortunately Kyrgyzstan is six hours ahead of England, so if you want to watch some games you have to wait till 1am. And what do you do till then? Right, you drink. So by the time you watch the game, you are so drunk that you can’t even remember it. Just as it happened to me that day. The beer that made this happen was….

Zhivoe Pivo. It was yellow and had a medium head. The smell was hoppy and had a mushroom note to it. The taste was just as it smelled. At least all this is what my memos of the night say (I removed all the spelling mistakes). I had the beer at a more sober point and the description is kind of accurate. So I will just leave it like that. Cheers.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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