365 Drinks: #11 Domaca Rakija (Serbia)

Homemade Serbian Rakija
Homemade Serbian Rakija

Sorry for the second time

This is Tuesday’s drink, we had some issues with posting it yesterday. Rest assured the actual drinking is on schedule.

I didn’t see that coming… We wanted to drive to one of the monasteries in the nearby national park Fruska Gora near Novi Sad. We stopped to enjoy the view and we got invited for a drink by some Serbs bbqing nearby and enjoying some live accordion music. Unfortunately I was driving so I refused the offer to drink some homemade rakija. But after the guy next to me (in the pic above)  told me that he is the local police sheriff and urged me to drink, insisting that one rakija is ok, I had to try.

Coming in a little plastic cup. A little more aggressive than the (by now) well known rakija smell. Pretty clear with some little pieces of dirt swimming in the cup. I sipped on it and immediately felt the strong, body warming effect kicking in (probably also because we didn’t have any breakfast yet). I have to say that it was not the greatest idea to drink rakija, but the company was superb and I managed to stick to just one shot.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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