365 Drinks: #110 Vinap Alko Vermouth (Kyrgyzstan)

Vinap Alko Vermouth
Vinap Alko Vermouth

Alko like.. Alcoholic?

We went drinking after the kumis yesterday. We just had to. It was Friday and the bad taste of that shit was still in my mouth. I had to wash it down with loads of beer. And it worked. Today I just felt hungover. Still better than having a kumis taste in my mouth. Yesterday I also received a gift from a friend. An awesome looking bottle of vermouth. I didn’t know Kyrgyz people drink vermouth but the guy on the bottle looks like he has never done anything else.

So today I had a Vinap Alko Vermouth. It had the typical sweet almondy vermouth aroma with a hint of Maggi sauce. The vermouth was dark red colored and the taste was sweet and nice at the beginning. It finished with a longer lasting weird bitter aftertaste. With 18% also a rather standard vermouth. Positive to mention is the bottle. A portrait of a healthy looking Kyrgyz boy with the punchy keywords “Good, Strong, Vermouth”. Big up to the marketing team here.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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