365 Drinks: #111 Arpa Pivo (Kyrgyzstan)

Arpa Pivo
Arpa Pivo

Drowning our sorrows away

Another day where not much happened. We were supposed to check out the car bazaar but we were quite drunk yesterday. So we didn’t get up till late, had some food and then decided to stay home. Because we were hungover or because we didn’t want it to happen yet? One way or the other, I decided to have a beer. The recommended beer of choice is the local brewed Arpa.

It comes in the same bottle as the type of lemonade I always had when I was a kid. The beer is clear dark golden colored and has a small foamy head. It is pretty watery which makes it good to drink. Tastewise the beer doesn’t have anything special to offer. It is a bit hoppy but mainly watery and without much taste. It is a good beer to drink, and you can have loads of em. But If you are looking for something that challenges your tastebuds, you should try a different beer.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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