365 Drinks: #112 Sovietskoje Champanskoje (Kyrgyzstan)

Sovietskoje Champanskoje
Sovietskoje Champanskoje

Bittersweet celebrations

Sunday. Today was the day. We sold our car. We rocked up at the huge car bazaar in Bishkek and got told by a cop to park the car just on the side of the road. As soon as we stopped, a flock of people surrounded us and started asking how much the car was. Then it all went quickly. The cop who ordered us to park offered us $800. We drove to the customs section. He figured out that it is too expensive for him. He called a friend. And the car was sold for $750 and we were on a bus back to Bishkek with the licence plates and the car documents for deregistration. Somehow relieved, somehow super sad. I knew it’s going to happen. And I knew it had to be done. And it all went fine. But I still wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. Even the sparkling wine couldn’t help.

We bought some Sovietskoje Champanskoje sparkling wine. It was clear golden and fizzy enough to leave a hole in the ceiling with the cork when I opened it. It smelled fruity sour and slightly bitter. The taste was fruity and had a sugary aftertaste. 12-13% and $3 for a whole bottle finish the package. Overall not a bad drink but it didn’t bring my Jagger back.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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