365 Drinks: #113 Bishkek Coffee Cognac (Kyrgyzstan)

Bishkek Coffee Cognac
Bishkek Coffee Cognac

Still sad about the car

So the car is sold. But still something missing. I have to deregister it in Germany. Easy thing, just go to the embassy and do it there, I thought. After a first enquiry email to the embassy they replied to me that the deregistration is only possible if there is no other way for me to deregister or if there are other notable circumstances. That’s bad news. So I rocked up at the embassy trying to get the deregistration still somehow done. But I was refused. We had to send part of the documents and the license plates back to Germany. The buyer won’t be happy to find out that he won’t get all the needed documents today. But anyway, it can’t be helped. As punishment for my stupidity not to look up export license plates, with which we could have done the whole thing without deregistration, I bought one of my least-liked drinks. A cognac.

A Bischkek Coffee Cognac to be precise. It was dark brown/amber looking and had an intense cognac aroma with a hint of coffee. The first sip burned at the beginning and went smoother down in the end. It had, as already anticipated, quite a cognac taste. Kind of sweet but more like a burning piece of coal in your throat that gets milder and milder the more you breath out. The drink didn’t have much of a coffee taste to it, or at least I couldn’t taste it. I’m still not convinced of cognacs.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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    • Semi

      Thanks for the recommendations! We actually had a really nice cognac in Almaty, but Mook still didn’t like it so it just seems he’s not a cognac kind of guy.

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