365 Drinks: #114 Blonder Pub English Staut (Kyrgyzstan)

Blonder Pub English Stout
Blonder Pub English Stout

Worst beer ever, sorry dudes

Our last day in our excellent apartment in Bishkek. We started our day by going through all the things we had to take from our car and decide if we want to keep it or not. About 70% of the items didn’t make it in our backpacks. Goodbye frying pan, goodbye tent, goodbye sleeping bag. Our ways of traveling will be a lot different from this point. After all the hard work we decided to go out and reward us with a good beer. Where better to go than the local German-styled brewery? I ordered a beer, we took a picture and I made notes. Drink of the day sorted. Not really. After the brewery we hit up a nearby pub that made his own beer as well. And the beer was just sooo shit that it just needed to find a way into the blog.

So the drink of today is the Blonder Pub English Staut (no typo here, that is how they advertised it). The beer was around $4, way more expensive than the average beer in a bar. It had a brownish red cloudy look and a very creamy thick foam. Sarah ordered the same beer and as usual here in Kyrgyzstan, girls get a straw. The foam was thick enough to hold the straw at it’s position even with shaking it around. The beer had a weird metallic sour aroma to it that smelled unusual but was quite accurate after tasting it. How can I describe it. It was sour, it was sweet, it tasted like metal and didn’t taste like a beer. I couldn’t taste any hops in there and only a tiny tiny bit of malt. It was horrible. We had to order some beer snacks and smoke a lot of cigarettes to be able to drink the whole glass. According to our waiter, the beer had around 7%. I call bullshit. After the half liter I didn’t feel much. Maybe because of my regular drinking but I just don’t believe that this drink had 7%. Overall, the worst beer I ever had. And I had a lot of beer my life.

Blonder Pub English Staut

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  1. Anton

    I agree with you completely. This bar serves the most shitty beer in the world.
    I recommend to visit a bar Shteinbrau (in Bishkek) and evaluate beer there, especially winter beer Salvator.
    In my opinion this is one of the best dark beers in Central Asia.

    • Semi

      Thanks for the comment 😀 We visited Steinbrau but unfortunately they didn’t have the winter beer at the time. The beer we drank there was definitely much better than anything else we had in Kyrgyzstan, though!!

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