365 Drinks: #115 Bishkek Calvados (Kyrgyzstan)

Bishkek Calvados
Bishkek Calvados

Bought a jacket that helps me blend in with the desert and the booze shelf

So we had to leave the apartment. But we didn’t manage to leave the Bishkek yet. Our plan was to get our stuff together, stay one more night in a Hostel and then leave for some sightseeing to the countryside. So we visited the market, found me a cheap cool army jacket and headed home to have a quiet one since we had to get up early the next day to take a marshrutka to the city of our choice. So we ended up cooking and drinking.

Today Bishkek Calvados. The amber looking apple spirit is a usually a French specialty. So I was really curious how the Kyrgyz version of it would taste. The smell was promising. Sweet, vanilla, spices, almost like a Christmas bakery. The taste was different. It had a slight vanilla note with a burning long lasting alcohol taste. I don’t know how this has been made from an apple but you couldn’t taste any apple flavor out of it at all. I bet the French would be ashamed of this.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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