365 Drinks: #117 Lider Vodka (Kyrgyzstan)

Lider Vodka
Lider Vodka

Lovely Pizza in Karakol.. looked more like a hostess bar but at least the pizza was good

For once we got up early today. We packed or stuff and were ready for our first long marshrutka ride and even before we reached the bus terminal we started missing our little Jagger. Our destination was Karakol, a smaller city in the east of Kyrgyzstan. (It’s actually the third-largest city in the country) The city is on the foot of the Tian Shan mountains bordering China and Tajikistan. We managed to survive the five-hour ride and arrived in the cold without having any accommodation. Some time of fighting off a tour organizer and some phone calls later we found our guesthouse for the night. So we started exploring the city and get some food. The walk was rather scary. The third-biggest city of Kyrgyzstan offers almost no street lights 100 meters away from the city center. But luckily we managed to find city center and the local pizza place. Time to drink. I ordered 100ml of their cheapest Kyrgyz spirit.

Lider Vodka. It had a sweet rather mild aroma and came in an awesome seal-able carafe that looked like a rooster. A good start but disappointment kicked in after the first shot. The vodka tasted quite harsh like rubbing alcohol with a long lasting alcohol aftertaste. It probably didn’t help that the vodka was served in room temperature. A rather shit vodka, at least the pizza was surprisingly good.

Karakol is so fucking dark, you can see the Milky Way even when you’re standing in the centre of the city. I think it’s the darkest city I’ve ever been to.


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