365 Drinks #12: Porodicna Vinarija Antonijevic Riesling (Serbia)

Porodicna Vinarija Antonijevic Riesling (Serbia)
Porodicna Vinarija Antonijevic Riesling (Serbia)

Local wine straight out of the tank, yummi

So far, Serbia doesn’t go as planned. In a good way. We decided to leave Novi Sad and head towards Belgrade. We were searching for hostels and planned a meet up to say goodbye to our friend David. But two hours later we were having superb homemade wine in one of Davids friend’s wineries in the close by village of Ledinci (full story coming soon). Going through five different wines, I picked my favorite for the drink of the day.

The Vinarija Antonijevic Riesling  is made out of the Italian Riesling grape. This white wine has a nice golden shimmer and a fruity, slightly sour aroma. The taste comes up to its nice smell. It has a touch of sourness to it that makes it pretty refreshing. I also liked the lack of “old cellar dampness” flavor that you get in a lot of German versions of Riesling. I totally understand why white wine is so popular in this region if most wines taste like this.



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