365 Drinks: #120 Unfiltered Shiwoje Premium S (Kazakhstan)

Unfiltered Shiwoje Premium S
Unfiltered Shiwoje Premium S

Soapy but good, gotta love unfiltered beer

After more than two weeks in Kyrgyzstan, it was time to leave and make a move to Kazakhstan. So we hopped on a marshrutka to the border, our last big hurdle before we could close the chapter Jagger forever. Did the dude we sold him to import the car? Are we going to get in troubles with some customs officers? And did we forget Jesus in the hostel in Bishkek???? All good. We went through the border without any problems and found Jesus that little rascal hiding in Semi’s bag. Off to a new country and a whole new variety of drinks. We celebrated being in Kazakhstan by checking out the Almaty bar scene. And we found a microbrewery called Ultra S that also had a club and strip club inside. We hoped for a stout but the only beer they had left was a premium lager.

So we ordered a liter of Shiwoje Premium S. The unfiltered locally brewed lager was golden and cloudy. It had a hoppy slightly soapy aroma with a mid creamy head. The taste was sweet hoppy and reminded me of a wheat beer. It finished with a slightly bitter aftertaste that wasn’t too much and rounded up the beer. I’m not sure about the alcohol content but I guess it was around 4.5-4-9%. It was a nice beer, I wished I could have also tried their dark beer but it was finished.


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