365 Drinks: #122 Bacchus Banzai (Kazakhstan)

Bachhus Banzai
Bachhus Banzai

For the 13-year-old girl in everyone

Today we wanted to do a bit more “sightseeing”. Unfortunately it was quite cold and most of the interesting things in and around Almaty are summer activities. Except the huge ice rink on top of one of the hills surrounding the city. So we got ready to go, just to find out that we have to register with the local police if we don’t want to get in trouble. Uff. So change of plans. We went to the migration office and where told to come back in two hours. After everything was done, it was too late to go ice skating and all the bars and pubs around were either serving foreign drinks or expensive. So we decided to head home and stop by some supermarket to get some drinking supply. Our first idea was to get a red wine but then I noticed this.

A Bacchus Winery already mixed cocktail, Bachhus Banzai. It is a vodka-blood orange mix drink with 8.6 percent alcohol. Although blood-orange flavoured, the drink was not red but cloudy white. It had a intense blood orange aroma that completely lacked any alcohol smell. The taste was sweet and blood orange based but also had an alcoholic-tasting slightly bitter aftertaste. It was cheap it had an all right taste and it was 8.6% alcohol. A good drink for in between if you are bored of beer.


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