365 Drinks: #125 Red Wusu Lager (China)

Hotel bathroom
Red Wusu Lager

The only hotel that would take us foreigners was super fancy with a cool love hotel-style bathroom

Today was a big day. We made the jump from central-Asian, former-Soviet countries to China. This meant waking up early, taking a two-hour taxi to a town closer to the border and then taking a two-hour marshrutka over the border. It all went relatively smooth. We arrived in China and were just impressed how different to Kazakhstan it actually is. While there is a big emptyness on Kazakh side, the Chinese side of the border was plastered with tall buildings, shopping malls and loads of people. We decided to go to the 100-kilometer-away Yiling to take a train from there to Urumqi. Unfortunately the sleeper trains (it is a 500-kilometer journey) were all booked out, so we had to stay in the city for a night. Getting a room was hard since foreigners are not allowed in most of the hotels in the city. But luckily we met a nice dude at the train station who helped us. So we had a room and the only thing that was missing was my first Chinese beer on this trip.

A Red Wusu lager, famous local beer from the Xinjiang province. The beer came in a 564-milliliter bottle and had around 4 percent, for an unbeatable price of around €0.40. It was clear light golden and was not too fizzy. The aroma was mild malty and slightly sweet. The beer tasted pretty watery with a slight sweet maltiness to it. A weak, watery lager that is nothing special but super easy to drink and cheap.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic punch

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