365 Drinks: #126 Baiju Coffee (China)

Baiju Coffee
Baiju Coffee

Chinese just don’t do alcohol and coffee like the Ukrainians do

So it seems like we are stuck in Yili for another couple of ours. Our night bus will leave the city at 9pm. Time for us to stroll around the city and discover what there is to see. We went to the oldest mosque in town and saw the the Uygur and Chinese parts of town. Quite interesting to see how different it is. Another thing we noticed are the smartphone shops around every corner. We finished our stroll with a visit in a cafe nearby our hotel. And what did we find? Coffee spiked with some Chinese baiju.

It came in a normal coffee cup and smelled awesome sweet citrusy fruity with a coffee aroma. It looked like really watery coffee, I hoped because there was so much clear spirit in it. But unfortunately I got disappointed. The taste was not really alcoholic, it was sweet, sour and fruity with a slight aftertaste of spirit. The drink tasted more like a tea than a coffee with alcohol and it wasn’t strong at all. Definitely not what I expected


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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