365 Drinks: #127 Yanying Lager (China)

Yanying Lager
Yanying Lager

Fizzy drinks are not the best choice for a bumpy sleeper bus

So today we made our way further east to Urumqi, the biggest city in the far west Xinjang region of China. As we found out already the day before, there were no train seats available. So we had to take the sleeper bus for nine hours. We already had bad experiences with sleeper busses when we were in Vietnam and even Chinese people told us, “It’s dangerous in the winter to take the bus.” We expected the worst. I prepared myself with some drinks before we went to the bus terminal and with some roadbeers to make the journey a bit more tolerable. Unfortunately the guys at the nearby shop only had a rather weak beer to offer.

A Yanying lager. The beer came in a 568ml bottle and had only 3.3% alcohol. The smell was pretty standard, sweet and slightly hoppy. The beer was not really fizzy which was good since I didn’t want to splash beer all over the older lady sleeping beneath me. The taste was pretty standard as well. It was watery and a bit hoppy. Mostly watery though. I downed the beer pretty fast and just hoped that it would help me sleep. It didn’t help. The beer is just too weak to be considered a proper beer and I was awake 90% of the bus ride.


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