365 Drinks: #128 Gucheng Danya Baijiu (China)

Gucheng Danya Baijou
Gucheng Danya Baijou

Cold day, warming up with some ancient and elegant Chinese booze

We made it to Urumqi in one piece. The busride was long but still bearable. Fortunately we even found a hotel early in the morning so we had the chance to warm up and relax. Our afternoon plan was to go out and see the city but it was just too cold and we arrived too late for the park we wanted to see. At least I found a drink to warm me up.

An “ancient and elegant” baijiu. Or as other people would describe it, cheap shit baijiu. It is made out of three different kinds of rice and some kind of wheat. The bottle was as clear as the drink itself and had some blue signs on it. The bottle cap was not resealable which is good if you want to drink the whole bottle at once anyway I guess. It had a sweet mandarin-like smell with a slight not too harsh alcohol aroma. I took a shot straight from the bottle and it didn’t taste all too bad. It had the typical rice alcohol harshness at the beginning with a sweet fruity note to it. After all a bit hard to drink much of it though since you can definitely taste the 42% alcohol in it. The 120ml bottle was only £1.50, so quite a good deal. Concluding that it is not a great drink but I’m sure that there are other brands out there that I might like.


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