365 Drinks: #129 China Jin Wine (China)

China Jin Wine
China Jin Wine

Steamy hotpot and a musky wine. Weird combination

Another cold day in Urumqi. To avoid spending too much time outside, we decided to go to the city’s ethnic museum. A lot of information about the history of the region, happily edited by the rulers in Beijing. Funny enough that even though in an interesting museum, at one point some kids came up to me and wanted to take a picture. I always knew that I’m more interesting than history. After we were finished with the museum we went phone shopping and I bought a new smartphone for about half the price as it would have cost in London. A great success that needed to be celebrated with Chinese hotpot and some drinks. The hotpot restaurant had some choices but the lady behind the bar recommended this one without hesitation.

The bottle said “Chinese alcohol”, but a later Google search revealed the name as China Jin Wine. It was a light brown and clear 35% liquor that was pretty cheap considered that we bought it in a restaurant. The aroma was sweet and almost plum-like. I was excited. Did we find an awesome Chinese drink that not a lot of people in the West ever tried? Not really. The taste was much different than the smell. It had an earthy sweet taste with a musky flavor to it. I don’t know how else to describe it but it was an interesting but also quite weird taste. It could have been better if there would have been a plum taste to it like the aroma promised but like this it was just not good.


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