365 Drinks #13: Domaća trešnja rakija (Serbia)

David in Serbia
Domaca Rakija

A farewell drink

Awesome days in Novi Sad came to an end. We met up with our awesome crazy friend David around noon to have a coffee and say goodbye. As you can  see in the picture, it wasn’t just coffee in the end. Taking my advice from Tuesday that one rakija is ok when you have to drive, we had a sweet cherry homemade rakija. And we even got the the rest of the bottle as a gift to take with us.

Different to the quince rakija’s we had so far, this cherry one had a much sweeter smell. The taste was not as smooth as I expected from the sweet aroma and maybe a bit influenced by the espresso I had a minute before.  The alcohol kicked in straight away. This might be due to the unknown alcohol percentage or the fact that we didn’t had any food this day to prepare our stomachs for another early rakija invasion. I will give this rakija definitely another try, maybe a bit later in the day after dinner and without drinking an espresso before!


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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