365 Drinks: #131 Dichun Hong Putaojiu Red Wine (China)

Dichun Hong Putaojiu Red Wine
Dichun Hong Putaojiu Red Wine

Hotpot at the Uyghur night market after a looooooong and stressful day

Today was super cold. We had to leave our hotel, book a train ticket for our onward journey to the west and then go to the bus station to catch a ride to the nearby Turpan. Our try to buy train tickets was a complete fail. My mosquito spray was confiscated at the entrance to the ticket hall because of security concerns and then we queued up for one hour to even get to one of the ticket windows. When we reached the window we were told that the trains were booked out. Fuck. We went to the bus station anyway in the hope to figure something out when we hit the new city. So on the bus, to Turpan, check into a hotel and then go out to get some food. We found some nice outdoor food stalls that were still open and some booze shops around them. I bought a bottle of red wine.

Dichun Hong Putaojiu, also known as red wine. Apparently made in Turpan and €4 cheaper than the rest of the stock. It had a light brown or reddish color that reminded me of jam. A look on the bottle revealed that the wine only had 5 percent alcohol. The aroma was very sweet jam-like but not really fruity. I expected to drink a very bad wine. But the taste was actually alright. It was a bit sweet and sour. It was lacking any particular fruit taste nor any specific characteristics that made it very nice. It was just very easy to drink and not bad.


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