365 Drinks: #132 Wei Li Gang Nutritious Fig Wine (China)

Wei Li Gang Nutritious Fig Wine
Wei Li Gang Nutritious Fig Wine

Quiet night in with our buddy Jesus

Today we visited the Chinese part of the Silk Road in form of leftovers of an ancient settlement that lived of the famous trading route. It was a nice day and we spent it mostly walking around the outskirts of the desert. When we arrived back in the city we were quite tired. So we decided to have a rest and might go to bed a bit earlier, knowing that we won’t have much sleep the following day because we have to take a night bus. So I went out and bought some good night drink.

I found something interesting looking, a small bottle with a huge ass name on it and a picture of plums. Some plum spirit? (Turns out they were figs) Great. I bought it, brought it back to the hotel and poured me a big glass. The drink was clear brown and had an awesome spicy cinnamon-like smell to it that reminded me of Christmas. The taste was a bit different. It still had flavours of different spices but also a dark chocolate taste to it. Semi recognized the taste of patchuli in it. But I don’t know how patchuli tastes, so I can’t tell. This all sounds great but it also had a harsh alcoholic feeling (the drink has 30%) and a weird taste to it that I can’t really describe. It is an interesting drink to try but I wouldn’t buy more of it.

This is a type of fortified wine is supposedly a stamina booster, turning men into stallions and also giving them harder bones… no pun intended 😉


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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