365 Drinks: #133 Xinjiang Sinkiang Stout (China)

Xinjiang Sinkiang Stout
Xinjiang Beer Sinkiang Stout

So happy to have something that is not a watery lager

We got up early today to make sure we get our overnight sleeper bus to Dunhuang, just to catch a train from there to Lanzhou. Twenty-four hours of overland travel, sounds fun right? We thought the same thing. So we tried to walk as much as we could to prepare for the hours of sitting. We didn’t do well in this task and ended up in a cafe ordering loads of beer. Which is also a good preparation I guess.

We had some Sinkiang Stout. Yeah you heard right, the Chinese make stout these days. It came in smaller 0.330ml bottles and had 4 percent alcohol. The beer was rather brown and not a “black beer” as promised on the bottle’s label. It wasn’t really fizzy and not creamy at all. The smell was very malty and sweet. The taste was not bad, it was sweet roasted malty. Unfortunately it was, like all Chinese beers I had so far, very watery. The beer was very easy to drink though, which is good if you prepare for a long bus ride. In total, one of the best Chinese beers I had so far.

Xinjiang Beer

Liked it so much we had a few


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  1. Chingis

    Xinjiang Black is a “Bock” beer, that is a dark lager, as opposed to a stout. It is in my personal opinion one of the better Chinese brews, if for no other reason than they at least try to do something a little different.
    Assuming you are German, then I had understood “bock” means billy goat, possibly referring to the origins of this style of beer being a strong brew, unlike this particular beer. At least it smells a bit like a billy goat.

    • Semi

      Hi Chingis! Thanks for the comment and the information. I think it was listed as a ‘stout’ on the English menu of the restaurant we were at. “Bock” in German is a ram (like a billy goat), and you’re definitely right that this one didn’t really live up to the name. It was still nice to have something different than normal watery lager though!

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