365 Drinks: #134 Han Tang Brave Dragon Wine (China)

Han Tang Brave Dragon Wine
Han Tang Brave Dragon Wine

Waiting for the bus.. Little did we know what we were in for

Our marathon journey started with a 14-hour overnight bus ride. We booked a sleeper bus as we did before, same as we went from Yili to Urumqi. At least that’s what we thought. First of all the bus was super late and we had to wait for two hours, when the bus arrived we saw that it was NOT a sleeper bus but a regular bus, and already packed with people from Urumqi that got on the bus before us. Fuck. We didn’t manage to get two seats together and had to squeeze ourselves next to a fat guy and a women with a little kid. This was the worst journey we had on our trip so far. Fourteen hours with almost no sleep. And even the booze I brought didn’t help much.

I bought a bottle of Han Tang Wei Long Jiu, no idea what it means but apparently it’s another stamina drink for hard bones. It was clear light brown and came in a 125ml bottle for little money. First I didn’t want to open the bottle in the bus because I was sitting next to a woman with her toddler on her lap. But after she picked up her boy to let him shit in a bucket that was in the aisle I didn’t give a fuck anymore. I needed booze. It didn’t smell strong, rather sweet with a portion of alcohol. I downed the bottle in two goes and it tasted shit. The taste was rather intense alcoholic with a spicy sweetness to it. I can’t really link it to any fruit or specific spice. At least the 32 percent did it’s job and I was able to sleep for an hour, so the drink was at least good for this purpose.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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