365 Drinks: #135 Xiliang Golden Wheat Lager (China)

Xiliang Lager
Xiliang Golden Wheat Lager

Finally a good beer and a nice bed after the bus ride from hell

Part two of our 24-hour travel marathon. This time from Dunhuang to Lanzhou. We arrived in Dunhuang after a terrible overnight bus ride and were just happy to be out of the bus. We took a stroll through the ice cold city and got us some food and then some supplies for the oncoming overnight train ride before heading of to the station. It was -12 degrees and we almost froze to death, but we made it. After a three-hour wait it was time to board the train and we were amazed. We had a bed, there was a bar and dining compartment, and no fucking kids near us. Awesome. After all this trouble I decided to have a good night beer.

A Xiliang Lager. The beer came in a 500ml bottle and looked clear and light golden. It had a strong citrus smell with a sweet hoppy aroma to it. The taste was similar. Sweet, citrusy and hoppy with a medium fine fizziness to it. With 4 percent also stronger than the normal “light lager” that the Chinese love so much. In total an alright beer that probably tastes even better when it’s not -12 degrees outside.


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