365 Drinks: #136 Guhezhou Huangjiu (China)

Guhezhou grape sake
Guhezhou grape sake

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We made it to Lanzhou in one piece. The sleeper train was better than expected and we even catched some sleep but were still tired. We navigated ourselves to a hotel and had a nap before going out to explore the city. Lanzhou has some nice parks, good restaurants, and lies on the mighty Yellow River. It is a nice city if there wasn’t the constant cloud of smog hovering between the tall buildings. We visited one of the many booze shops in the city at the end of our stroll. The selection was good but I wasn’t able to pick something good.

I had this weird “yellow wine”. Not being able to read the bottle, I assumed it was some kind of cheap white wine. It came in a 660ml bottle with bottle cap. It looked rather cheap and shit. The content itself was clear dark golden, not what you expect from your average wine. The smell was sweet, not fruity but just sweet and had an intense rice aroma to it. The taste was similar. It tasted like someone bought some cheap sake and mixed it with a tablespoon of sugar. Just sweet and like a rice liquor. The low percentage of 8 percent is also rather not wine-like. Some research revealed that the drink was made out of rice, wheat and grape juice and it tastes like shit.


The Breakdown

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  1. Alistair von Mackie

    When you were in Lanzhou, Gansu did you try Peony wine Mudanjiu. made from tree peony petals. I am told the chinese will not allow export so I was refused importing a sampke. Lovely psckaging though. alistairjohnmackie”gmail.com of Oxford England UK EU.

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