365 Drinks: #139 Qingke jiu II (Tibet)

Qingke jiu
Qingke jiu

Drinking the time away in the cold Lanzhou train station

We had a long journey ahead of us today. Take a bus from Xiahe to Lanzhou and there go straight to the train station to catch the 9h overnight train to Xian. We knew we had to prepare ourselves. So we had a mission for our last couple of hours in Xiahe. Get up, get some food and then go back to the liquor store that had this awesome Tibetan rakija (actually called qingke jiu, Tibetan highland barley wine) we loved so much. They had more expensive variations so we thought we should try one of the “better” ones. We bought the 28RMB version.

It came different that the first one in a empty water bottle and was clear with a light yellow color. The smell was similar to the cheaper version, sweet barley with a fragrant plum like aroma. The taste was different though. It was more harsh and had more of an alcoholic taste to it. Still a nice sweet and fruity finish but definitely harder to drink although it had a similar alcohol content of 46 percent. I was not disappointed by the drink but have to say that I prefer the cheaper version.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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