365 Drinks: #140 Naale Black Duke Beer (China)

Naale Black Duke Beer
Naale Black Duke Beer

Hostels in Xi’an are pretty cool, this one looked like a brothel

Today we arrived in Xi’an. We survived the none-hour hard sleeper train through cold central China. After a short nap at the hostel we were ready to see a bit of the city. We strolled around the famous Muslim market, got some food and just absorbed the vibe of the new buzzing city. We are surely back in tourist territory. Tourist info centers, old ladies who want to sell maps, and we’ve seen the first fellow Europeans since Bishkek. But new city means also new beer. I found a replica of a German black beer.

Black Duke Beer. It came in a black can with a farmer on it that I think is supposed to look like a German. The beer was dark brown as advertised and had an intense caramel aroma to it. It had a creamy head and was not too fizzy. The taste was sweet with a roasted caramel buckwheat influence. With 3.7 percent, slightly low on alcohol but ok to drink. A look at the ingredients showed that the beer is far from the German Reinheitsgebot. A lot of different stuff in it including caramel food additives. An ok-tasting beer but you wouldn’t find this in Germany.


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