365 Drinks: #141 Tibetan cave baijiu in a gourd (China)

Tibetan cave wine in a gourd
Tibetan cave wine in a gourd

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We laid low on our second day in Xian. Semi catched a cold and we just travelled too much the last couple of days. So we decided to have a laid back day with a lot of time in bed and in front of the computer. The highlight of the day was my visit to Walmart (yes they have Walmart in China) where I went to get healthy stuff for poor sick Semi. The day ended with an overpriced dinner and a visit to the liquor store around the corner where I bought myself a small bottle of Baijou.

This Shaanxi baijiu came in a cool clay like bottle that (I assume) was supposed to look like a dried gourd. The name (Dong Zang Tai Bai Jiu) apparently means “Tibetan cave wine from Taibai County”, and is a special type of ancient drink made in “hole bodegas” in Shaanxi. (Read more about it here… use Google Translate and be amazed) It was quite hard to open that thing since there was no screw top whatsoever. With the help of a Chinese guy in the hostel that just smacked the top of I was able to drink it. The smell was just like your regular baijiu, sweet alcoholic with a note of orange aroma to it. The taste was very harsh at the beginning and finished sweetish but unfortunately the harsh alcoholic taste sticked to it even after I swallowed it. It was 46 percent and cheap so I could have guessed that this wouldn’t be the best drink I ever had but never stop dreaming.


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