365 Drinks: #142 I’m Busy baijiu (China)

I’m busy baijiu
I'm busy baijiu

Busy baijiu in the bamboo bush

Semi was still sick today so we didn’t do much. We went outside to eat something and stroll along the big streets and shopping malls before heading back to the hostel where we had our first alright (not great) pizza since ages. All this was followed by drinks in a bar and a little baijiu I bought from one of the many liquor stores.

A baijiu from Beijing called “I’m busy”. Apparently a special type of baijiu aimed towards business travellers. Coming from Beijing, the small bottle even had a graphic of a stereotypical Chinese guy carrying two packets on a stick. It looked bad and I wasn’t expecting much, especially considering that it only cost me around £1. I opened it and could smell the typical baijiu aroma immediately, orangy with a hint of alcohol. The clear spirit had 42 percent, was harsh at the beginning and end with sweetish middle. It reminded me of a biter-almond aroma that is used for baking cakes. That said, it was still better than the baijiu I had yesterday.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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