365 Drinks: #143 Dezhou Landun Beer Beuenagc LaLed (China)

Dezhou Landun Beer Beuenagc LaLed
Dezhou Landun Beer Beuenagc LaLed


It was travelling time again today. Our plan was to take the soft-sleeper train for 16 hours to get to Mianyang where would would take a bus to the nearby earthquake museum before taking another bus to Chengdu. We prepared for the first hurdle, the train, by having a couple of beers before going to the main station. We boarded the train, put our stuff in our compartment and made our way straight to the dining car, which was luckily only a couple of meters away. We had a beer each and then got refused to be served more… WTF? Thank god there was a guy walking around selling small cans of beers. At least that’s what I thought when buying a couple.

He only had small cans of Dezhou Landun Beer to offer. The first indicator that the beer would be bad was that it only had 2.5% alcohol. Ok, Chinese beer are weak in general. Second problem with the beer was that it smelled sweet and sour. Did I just bought a soup or what? The taste topped the whole thing. It was kind of sweet and sour with a staleness to it that made it taste like cat piss. This beer is so shit that we only drank two of the four cans we bought.


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