365 Drinks: #144 Bomb Baijiu (China)

Bomb Baijiu
Bomb Baijiu

Nothing about this was really DA BOMB

We arrived in Min Yiang around 10am and after 16-hour on a train we were happy to get out. We heard that there was an outdoor earthquake museum nearby. So we hopped on a bus for two hours to get there. The site is amazing and quite disturbing. The earthquake destroyed a whole city and the government just left everything how it was, put a fence around it and declared it a museum. Almost collapsing buildings everywhere with freshly built paths so you can stalk between the ruins. This would never be possible in good ole Germany. After the visit at the museum we catched two busses to Chengdu, our home for the next couple of days. I was super tired by this time and also quite annoyed by the long journey.

So I bought a bomb. A baijiu bomb. I saw these little bomb bottles already a couple of times in restaurants and liquor stores but never got around to buy one. The baijiu from Beijing/Fengwei has 56 percent and is with 5RMB even cheaper than most cheap shit baijiu bottles I bought so far. The smell was rather mild compared to other baijius I had, almost rakija-ish. It was sweet and fragrant, less orangy but more of a fruity/barley aroma. I was excited. Did I might discover another rakija-like drink in China? No. The taste was sweet at the beginning but had a pretty disgusting finish. I could feel every single percent of the 56 percentburning down my throat leaving a slightly bitter and weird taste that lasted for an eternity. The first baijiu that needed a chaser. Not good.


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