365 Drinks: #145 Tsingtao Pale Lager (China)

Tsingtao Pale Lager
Tsingtao Pale Lager

The better beer at our hostel was unfortunately from Laos….

Back in a massive city! Chengdu is home to approximately 14 million people and modern. You see lot’s of construction sites everywhere. For our first day we decided to visit a statue of Uncle Mao and then head to the biggest building in the world, a shopping center with in-built hotels, an ice-skating rink and an indoor swimming pool. It was huge and mostly empty. We laid a bit low after this, our long trip the day before just tired us out. All we managed to do was sit at the hostel and have a beer.

Due to the lack of a big Chinese beer selection at the hostel bar, I present here and now my review of…. a standard, you can get everywhere, boring but alright to drink…. Tsingtao Beer. Tsingtao is the second biggest beer manufacturer in China and got it’s name from the city where it’s very first brewery was founded, Quingdao. This city was a colony of Germany before the first World War. What do Germans love? Beer. So what did they do? Build a brewery. And yes you get it… the first brewery of Tsingtao in China was built by Germans. A shame that the beer is not that great.

It comes in a standard 500ml bottle and smells sweet hoppy with a small not too fizzy head. The clear light yellow body already hints that it is low on alcohol and the label confirms it. The pale lager version you can get in China only has 3.1percent alcohol. I downed the bottle in about 10 minutes and it tasted sweet hoppy with a very earthy note to it. Overall an allright beer that is easy to drink but a bit boring and just too low on alcohol. I don’t want to have four 500ml beers to feel a bit tipsy. They should have sticked to the Reinheitsgebot.


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