365 Drinks: #147 Harvest Stout (China)

Harvest Stout
Harvest Stout

Good beeeeeeeeeer, at last

Today was the time for a authentic Szechuan style hotpot. We got to the restaurant and had our first problem. It wasn’t like the hotpot restaurant in Urumqi where you go to a big buffet and get the stuff you want. You have to fill out a form to order and there is no English menu. Semi was able to decipher some of the things on the menu (with the help of some pictures). When we showed our order list to the waitress, she shook her head, crossed out some of the stuff, made a cross somewhere else and tried to tell us that we ordered too much. Ok fair enough. We entrusted her with our order and weren’t disappointed. A huge plate of mushrooms, three different plates of meat and a big plate of vegetables. More than enough for us to eat. Then came the broth, dark red with endless peppercorns and chillies floating in it. It looked spicy, and it was fucking spicy but also super delicious. We stuffed ourselves and finished everything. After this great achievement we decided to reward ourselves with a good beer.

We went to the Beer Nest I and had a micro-brewed Harvest Stout. It came in a proper pint glass almost filled to the top was dark brown, cloudy and had a creamy nice looking white head. Just how a stout should look like. The smell was sweet malty with a slight metallic aroma to it. All signs suggested that this would be a good beer and it was one indeed. It tasted sweet and bitter at the beginning with a slightly bitter earthy taste in the middle that turned into a bit more bitter sweet finish. An interesting taste that never had too much of just one flavor aspect and was rounded quite well. A pretty good beer and, with 5.3 percent, also strong enough!


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