365 Drinks: #148 Harvest Lager (China)

Harvest Lager
Harvest Lager

Geezer is a cool former DJ and one of the pioneering craft beer brewers in China

Chengdu is considered one of the most laid back cities in China and today is Friday so we went out to go on a hunt for drinks and good music. The evening started with the best pizza we had since ages. We got invited to a soft opening of a bar through a friend of a friend. So we hopped on a bus to get there and after an hour of searching we even found it. We got welcomed by Geezer, the owner-brewmaster and his team. The new bar looked awesome and he explained us a bit about his beer and the brewing process and that he imports all the hops he uses from America. We also learned from him that the beer we had at the Beer Nest yesterday was also his.

They just finished connecting the draft pipes and we were the first “customers” to try his beer so he poured us a pint of his Harvest Lager. The beer was dark golden and cloudy with a big very creamy head. It looked amazing. The smell was delicious sweet and hoppy. I got excited to try it and the taste came up to the expectations. It was sweet hoppy with a malty note and a refreshing citrusy taste to it. A really nice beer and a good start for the evening.

After this we ended up in the 21st floor of a tower block dancing to techno and watching over the night city skyline. A successful night out.

We’ll have more info about Geezer and his bar at a later date!


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