365 Drinks: #149 Jiang Xiaobai Fashion Mini baijiu (China)

Jiang Xiaobai Fashion Mini baijiu
Jiang Xiaobai Fashion Mini baijiu

Our hostel was covered in cool graffiti.. so much fashion!!

Today we took the train to our last destination in China for now, Chonqing. Still a bit hungover and tired we arrived in this huge city. The sky was grey, you couldn’t see far because of the pollution and it looked like the city is just one big cement block. Truly an urban jungle. We had a short rest-stop in our hostel before we decided to head out. It is Saturday and we don’t have much time in this city, so might as well go out. We found some information about a nice sounding bar nearby, but there was no address. After about one-and-a-half hours of searching and digging around we gave up and just went back home. But not before buying a bottle of booze.

I found a “nice” looking baijiu that seemed suitable. The Jiang Xiaobai Fashion Mini baijiu had a modern looking bottle, was clear and 45 percent alcohol. It smelled sweetish mild and had something of mushrooms. The taste was not as bad as expected. It started mild and sweet and finished a bit harsher always accompanied with a mushroomy flavor. It might sound bad but was actually ok to drink considering that it had 45 percent and was dirt cheap.

What is Jiang Xiaobai baijiu?? We google translated the website and found the answer:

White River is a magical drink with alcohol, it can amplify our emotions. It makes us happier, more joyful, more passion, more brothers, sisters and more, It may make us more lonely, more sad, more fear, more depressed. White River is like traveling, helpful, warm and generous after 70; White River is like rock, networking, simple and honest and lovely, humorous 80; White River is a personalized fashion, excessive heat, rich emotional life after 90. White River is somewhat rebellious rock youth; White River is somewhat adventurous traveler; Jiang white collar workers are keen green; white river is …… White River is the youth, we are literary “Jiang white.”


The Breakdown

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