365 Drinks: #150 Sancheng 1958 Lager (China)

Sancheng 1958 Lager
Sancheng 1958 Lager

Classy-looking label but unfortunately disappointing

Today we were able to “see” Chongqing by day. A enormous urban metropolis with gorges between massive towerblocks that have seen better days. Every now and then you see piles of rubbish, derelict-looking buildings or just kind of collapsed buildings between all the still intact housing towers. We found out that Chonqing is also home to a “graffiti” neighbourhood so we obviously went to see it ourselves. We weren’t disappointed. Most houses were covered in huge murals that brought a bit of color into the otherwise grey district that gets overlooked by a huge chimney that blows white smog into the air (cough). We got hungry after our subculture experience so we decided to head to a restaurant. And oh man we found one. I had to drink a beer to this.

So I ordered the most expensive beer on the menu, a premium version of the Shancheng 1958 Beer. It came in a fancy looking bottle that could have been a container for a fine bottle of whiskey. The content looked dark amber like and clear. The smell was malty caramel like sweet and had almost no head. It tasted similar to the smell. Watery sweet malty with a hint of caramel. It wasn’t bitter, it wasn’t really special just a slightly bad and a bit too sweet beer with a low alcohol content of 3.3%. Just another shitty Chinese beer.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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