365 Drinks: #151 Tsingdao Draft (China)

Tsingdao Draft
Tsingdao Draft

Farewell for now, China!!

Today was our last day in China. A last chance to explore the city of Chonqing a bit more. But what else is there besides a lot of smog and grimy looking tower blocks? We found out about a prison a bit further out of the city where political prisoners before the Communist revolution were kept and got murdered. Maybe good to learn something about this part of China’s history as well we thought. It turned out a bit different than we expected. The small prison on one of the surrounding mountains within a jungle-ish like sea of green was a huge tourist magnet. Booths that sold everything from Uncle Mao bracelets to little mechanical soldiers crawling on the floor firing machine guns. Something you probably wouldn’t find in Germany when it comes to a site where people got shot down by the hundreds. It was still interesting to watch but we were through quite fast. We just couldn’t wait to get to the airport and into hot Bangkok. So off we go to the airport and do something we didn’t do in ages: fly on an airplane and have a beer at the airport.

The selection on the airport was poor, the only thing they had was a Tsingdao draft. So here we go again, another version of Tsingdao. It was around €3, super expensive considering the small bottle. It a bit sweet hoppy but mainly not like much. The taste was almost not existant, it was slightly sweet not really fizzy and just super watery. Easy to drink but just not much of a taste. And it was with 3.1 percent, even lower on alcohol than the previous one I had. Glad to get out of China and away from weak standard crap Chinese beer.

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