365 Drinks: #155 Angkor Beer (Cambodia)

Angkor Beer
Angkor Beer

Not a bad beer for the Cambodian heat

Our short visit to Thailand ended today. We hopped on a bus that brought us to the Thai-Cambodian border where we dodged a couple of scams. First the bus company wanted to do our Cambodian visas for us for $40 dollars, then we walked past a couple of dudes in the no-mans land trying to do the visa for us for $35 dollars and when we finally got to the official visa office the guy asked us for $30 dollars and 100 baht. The visa is only $30 dollars so we refused repeatedly to pay until he finally took our passports and gave us our visas. After this we queued up for almost an hour to get our entry stamps just before we hopped on the bus again to complete our 11h journey to Siem Reap. When we finally arrived we did a short small walk around the city centre area looking for drinks and food. But the long bus ride has taken its toll. I was in a bad mood and just wanted to head to bed.

But not before I had my drink of the day. Since being in Siem Reap, hometown of the famous Angkor Wat, I obviously had to do an Angkor beer while I’m here. The small 0.33ml can was 50 cents and had the infamous temple on it, but the beer is brewed in Sihanoukville. It smelled sweet hoppy and was pale golden clear just as you would assume it from a Lager. It was not really fizzy and tasted crisp metallic with a sweet hoppyness to it. It had with 5 percent also an alright amount of alcohol. Not a bad beer.


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