365 Drinks: #156 Georges Tamarind Rum (Cambodia)

George’s Tamarind Rum
George's Tamarind Rum

A lucky find!

We planned to visit Angkor Wat today but we slept late and by the time the whole team was up, it was too late to go. We checked for other things to do and found out that there was a Cambodian fun fair taking place. Apparently a Japanese tourist died there beginning of 2013 on one of the rides, so we just had to go. It was a neat little fun fair with mainly local people that had all you need. From bumper cars and clothing stalls to food. We had a cold soup and snacked on some crickets before heading back to the centre of town. We arrived and found a bar called Georges Rhumerie that advertised the “Ten Flavors of Cambodia”. After we confirmed that they were alcoholic, we sat down and checked the menu. The 10 flavors of Cambodia were 10 Georges Rums infused with different spices and fruits, made in Siem Reap and perfect for my purpose.

I ordered a glass of tamarind infused rum on the rocks. And by glass, I mean a huge glass. The rum had an amber clear look and smelled sweet and nicely spicy and not really like alcohol at all. The taste came up to the nice smell. It was sweet, a bit sour, and had a nice tamarind spiced taste to it. The bottle said that the rum had 40 percent alcohol but it didn’t really have much of an alcohol taste to it. When we got the bill, the kind waiter told us that the huge glasses we got were just shots and that it was $1 each. An absolute bargain and a super nice rum! If you go to Siem Reap, you got to try it.


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