365 Drinks: #159 Five Men Pilsner (Cambodia)

Five Men Pilsner
Five Men Pilsner

Another lucky find

After just one night in Phnom Penh we said goodbye and left to the coast to get some beach time. Unluckily, we got up too late so our first choice for transport, the fast-cold-wifi bus, was fully booked. So was the other alright alternative. We ended up paying $65 to get a private taxi that picked us up at the hostel and dropped us off at the beach of our choice in Sihanoukville. We didn’t have to search long for a suitable accommodation and it wasn’t too late so we went out for a stroll on the beach followed by a visit to a bar/restaurant that had a craft lager from a local micro-brewery. Perfect.

The Five Men Pilsner is brewed in Sihanoukville and came in a iced glass that was filled up all the way to the top, means it almost had no head at all. It had a golden cloudy look and a slightly fruity aroma but it wasn’t too strong. The taste was fruity and gummy with a bitter note to it. Quite a nice taste but it tasted more like an IPA than a pilsner. Nonetheless a pretty good beer.


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