365 Drinks: #160 Phnom Penh Stout (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh Stout
Phnom Penh Stout

Seven percent beer is perfect for an island like Koh Rong….

Our journey continues. After just one night in our hostel on the beach we moved on to an island about two hours off the coast of Sihanoukville called Koh Rong. It was a rather smooth ride only interrupted by the guy next to me throwing up over the side of the boat. “Sea sick?”, “Nah, too much to drink last night!”…. good boy. We weren’t disappointed when we arrived at the island. Koh Rong is beautiful, not too big and not too over packed by foreign tourists. After sorting out our accommodation it was time start the drinking game. Since I envisioned that there won’t be much of a selection on the island, I was smart enough to bring a can of beer with me.

A can of Phnom Penh Stout to be precise. The bottle looked pretty cool with a three-faced elephant on it’s front and the little note that it had 7 percent was charming as well. The aroma was not bad as well. It was sweet caramelly with a hint of chocolate in it. All good so far but unfortunately it failed the final and most important test. It tasted shit. Super sweet with an artificial caramelly flavor and on top of that also sour. I think it was also a bit too fizzy for a stout. Wouldn’t recommend this one.


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