365 Drinks: #162 Anchor Lager (Cambodia)

Anchor Lager
Anchor Lager

Beer that belongs on the bottom of the ocean

It was a rough morning. The night was long and we had to check out of our bungalow by 9am. Still drink we managed to pack up our shit and move one house further down the beach to wait for our boat that was supposed to leave at 12pm. We thought breakfast would might make us feel better. But two fried eggs and some shitty Cambodian sausages later I felt even worse than before and the one hour on the boat back to the mainland didn’t help. By the time we arrived I just wanted to lay down in our Otres Beach bungalow and concentrate on not to throwing up. All worked out fine, but I still needed a drink so I decided to get something easy.

When browsing the shops along the beach I found a beer I haven’t had yet, a can of Anchor beer. Coming with the obvious Anchor on the can and a name that can be easily mixed up with Angkor beer, the other well known Cambodian beer. The pale yellow lager smelled sweet hoppy and had a small head. It tasted watery with a hay-like sweetness, a bit of a bitter note and a metallic tasting finish. Just like the 5 percent alcohol content, nothing special and it was rather hard to drink since I wasn’t feeling too great.


The Breakdown

Alcoholic Punch

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