365 Drinks: #163 Syn Absinthe Black (Cambodia)

Syn Absinth Black
Syn Absinth Black

Searching for the green fairy in Sihanoukville

Another day hanging out at the beach in Sihanoukville. I was still not feeling very good so I laid low. A stroll on the beach, petting some dogs, a couple of nice Vietnamese ice-coffees and that’s about it. The evening programme included a visit to the weekly Otres Beach night market. The small market was mostly run by expats that sold western food and (partly) self made handicrafts. Under these stalls was also the stall of a guy who lives of the coast on an island nearby, where he makes his own absinth. You can guess what my drink for today is.

I ordered the “black” version of his Syn Absinthe that had 85 percent alcohol and 120ppm thujone, which is according to the dude around four times more thujone than in regular absinthe. I ordered a straight shot of it and compared to a “Cambodian” shot, which can mean half a glass, I actually got a shot glass full of absinthe this time. It smelled not much like alcohol but had a strong aniseed aroma. The absinthe had a dark brown and slightly green color to it. I downed the shot and it was rather smooth at the beginning until the burning sensation of 85 percent alcohol kicked in. It burned down my throat and left a sweeter aniseed taste that turned into a long lasting very bitter taste. Overall an awesome thing to drink but bit too bitter for my taste. The green version we had after our first shot were much sweeter and less bitter.


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