365 Drinks: #166 Kingdom Pilsner (Cambodia)

Kingdom Pilsner
Kingdom Pilsner

Straight from the source, BAM!!

Back in Phnom Penh we had time to do some fun stuff so we decided to visit the Kingdom Brewery just a little bit up the river from our hostel. We took it easy and started in our hostel with some nice Vietnamese coffees and breakfast before hoping on a tuk-tuk and heading to the brewery. The tour started just perfect, with a beer. After our first warm-up we got a tour through the rather small brewery where we were able to get an unpasteurized bottle straight from the assembly line. The tour finished with more beers in the breweries own little bar overlooking the river. A brilliant day where we got to try a lot of different beers.

I picked the Kingdom Pilsner version as my drink of the day. The beer was golden clear with a nice-looking creamy head. It had a crisp slight metallic sweet hoppy smell. The Pilsner tasted refreshing hoppy as well as a bit sweet and fruity. It all rounded up with a cool looking bottle that had a leopard on it and 4.7 percent alcohol, which is still in the acceptable range. A pretty nice beer and especially the unpasteurized version of it was awesome.


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